Monday, October 25, 2010

Is that grass or chocolate?

So, seafood does not induce labor.... Cory and I went to Red Lobster last night and had a great date night! It might be the last date night we have in a while...if the baby comes in the next week at least. Every time we make plans, I say "sounds good, unless we're in the hospital."

We also went to Target last night and got some Reese's and mini Kit Kat's...yummy!!!! I opened up a Kit Kat to eat on the way home and was thinking how good it was, when I looked down and saw something on my shirt (I was wearing a white shirt) and said to Cory "Is that chocolate or grass?" He looked at me with the weirdest look...haha!!! It was getting dark, so I really couldn't tell that I had just dropped some chocolate on my shirt! In my defense, it was in the shape of a piece of grass :) Hence the name of the blog post..."Is that chocolate or grass?"

Here are some pics we took before our date!

Before our date...

I love him, but he is so goofy!

The belly at 39 weeks!! I can't believe I've made it this far!

Chattanooga is a premier place for hang gliding. No, I didn't go hang gliding :)...but we were curious to see where they took off from and just watch the crazy people who call this a hobby...

The cement looks pretty scary to me! The hang glider you see just took off.

This guy is about to take off. You can see from the background that we are really high up. The place they take off from is Lookout Mountain, Georgia. It was cool to see them practically dive off a mountain!

The view from where we were.

It was really pretty up there!

The cement "runway" if you can call it that...

View of the runway from the left side...shows how steep it is!

It was a fun outing for us!

All these people were waiting their turn to take off.

Yep, the bump made the photos!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Does full moon mean baby time???

Ooooooo.....tomorrow night is the full moon! Supposedly, lots of babies are born on the full moon. So, does this mean that I'm more likely to go into labor tonight or tomorrow?? I SURE HOPE SO!

I remember the beginning of the pregnancy when I was so excited to show the world I was pregnant in my cute maternity had no idea what I was really in for! I sincerely enjoyed my pregnancy until a couple weeks ago. When it takes you 10 minutes to put your shoes on, it hurts when you stand up and get in bed, and the heart burn just won't go away, you just want to have the baby already!

I've had all the signs that he's coming...I won't go into all the signs because I don't want to gross you out, but trust me, I've had them! haha!!

Come on Will!!! We're ready to meet you!

Friday, October 15, 2010

For my dear friend Candace...

Hey ya'll! I've been working on some notes for my friend Candace today...her and her husband Jeremy are expecting their first baby (baby girl!) and I wanted her to have some super cute notes to say thanks for all the gifts she is sure to get. I found this great hounds tooth pattern in pink and blue, so I made some for myself, too :).

These are cream colored cards and envelopes, and I cut these cards out with my cricut. It's a great and classic shape that looks really feminine. There's no printing on them, but I tried out a couple different stamps. I am sending these to her as an early baby gift b/c I know she is bound to start getting things soon. But, if anyone else wants to buy these, they are $10 for 10 or $20 for 20 (includes card and envelope).

Candace - you'll have to tell me which stamp you like the best, the "G" monogram OR the stroller OR you can half some of both. I just did one of each for the pictures...

This is the blue Hounds tooth.

I really like how they turned out!

The "G" monogram.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Happy Birthday to me!

Yesterday, October 13, was my 28th how time flies! My husband Cory gave me an awesome opal ring for my birthday! We went to pick it out on Sunday, but it's being sized and I won't get it until next week :(. The day of my birthday, I woke up to a big "Happy Birthday" balloon in the kitchen with a very sweet card underneath....and that night he brought me a few cupcakes (yes, the kind with a mountain of icing...yummy!). To top it off, he gave me a foot rub before bed (be forewarned, your idea of romance changes immensely when your pregnant). And tonight, we're going to dinner! I always tease him that I get a birthday WEEK, not just a day...and this year, I got my wish!

If you had told me that I would be having my first child at 28, I would have laughed and said "No way, I'll have 2 or 3 by then". But, knowing what I know now, I wouldn't have my life any other way then it is right now! I have the most wonderful caring husband, and the most precious baby on the way...and I am so incredibly happy with the way life has turned out so far.

I got Cory to take a few pictures yesterday to show how ENORMOUS I have become now that I have hit the 37 week mark! Seriously, I feel like a whale...

Exhibit 1... I'm smiling but I'm VERY uncomfortable these days.

Exhibit's very weird being narrower from front to back rather than sideways...

Thursday, October 7, 2010

More things to show Kate!

Hi all! I finished up a few things for my friend Kate today! Check them out below... Hope you like them, Kate!!!

The envelops are lined with black and cream patterns.

Happy Birthday! These are folding cards for the Gibson family with cupcake liners! I did two different fonts. The font on the outside matches the font on the inside.

The inside of the matches the one below.

The other font.

I love the branches...

I did these with chocolate brown envelops (not lined).

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Will's crib bedding is DONE!

Ahhhh...I feel like I can breath a sigh of relief! The crib bedding is done, and the picture for above the crib is done! Cory and I worked on some other things last night, too. We set up the monitors, and tested them out...we got his bath tub ready (it has this mesh insert for him to lay in for sponge cute!)...I organized the contents of the baskets on the changing table....wrote some thank you notes....after all that, I felt much better and more prepared for Will. When bed time finally came, I could NOT GO TO SLEEP! So frustrating....I kept running scenarios through my head. Is my water going to break while I'm asleep? Is it going to break while I'm out walking? Is it going to break at dinner one public??? Who knows... am I just going to start having contractions first? Exactly how bad are they going to hurt? I've been fortunate enough not to have had any broken bones or major accidents in my life, so I haven't really experienced a lot of pain. I hope I'm not a big baby :) I guess Cory will have to let you know after all is said and done :)

This last month is going to be really hard...Will is so active, he kicks and punches me relentlessly! My right ribs will never be the same :) But, I'm so excited at the same's so exhausting having all these different emotions all the time :)

Anyway, the pictures below show the crib bedding! My mom and Nana (Will's Great Nana) came up for the weekend to finish it up! I'm so happy it turned out so well...just what I wanted!!!

My mother in law, Shelley (Will's Nana) also came to help. Me and her worked on the picture that is above his below.

This jacket used to zip :) Not anymore!!! This is what happens when your 36 weeks prego!

From the side at 36 weeks...obviously make up and fixing my hair has become unimportant these last few weeks....haha!

The inside of the crib bedding with a green sheet saver. My mom made the cute snuggly bunny in the corner!

Will's crib!

Close up of the inside...

My Nana sewing in the last bumper tie! She's so good. By the way, that is a needle and thread hanging from her mouth... :)

Close up of the outside! The animal print goes all the way around on the outside.

My mom made a hanging organizer out of some of the leftover fabric!

I hung it on the side of the changing table...she did a fabulous job!

She also made this adorable pillow, which fits perfectly on Will's rocking chair!

How cute!

This is the picture that Shelley and I did! I painted the background and the tree, then Shelley and I cut out ALL these animals.

And this is the stuff we used to glue the animals on and also to seal the picture. It is on paper and fabric. Great tool for a do it yourself project! It makes the picture look similar to an oil painting and also protects it.

It looks white when you put it on. I did three coats all together letting it dry for about an hour between coats. This picture was taken about half way through drying.

This is the final outcome!

Hanging on the wall in his nursery!