Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Oh My...that's a lot of poop!

So, this is going to sound very dramatic to some of you. BUT, to those who have dealt with the massive poops infants produce, it will all make sense!

A few days ago, Cory and I noticed that Will hadn't pooped for the day....this is something new parents pay close attention to. What can I say, the things that are important before you have a baby are your hair, putting on makeup,, it's "did Will poop today"....or "how many ounces has Will eaten today", "Have I eaten today" :)

ok...Will's crying, be back in 5! Crisis handled!

Back to my story....Cory was holding Will and he saw the "poop face". It is very different from all his other facial expressions. His face gets more red and he really concentrates for a couple seconds. It is so funny! We think he's done and Cory takes him to change his diaper. I'm sitting on the couch and hear Cory yell for me to come....I go in and what I see absolutely grosses me out! Will has pooped and it has come up out of his diaper and all over his back! He had on a white onesie and a sleeper over it. The poop went through both layers!! It was so gross! This is the dramatic part....instead of trying to take the onesie off the normal way, we actually cut it off of him! Yes, we took scissors and cut it off. Our reasoning was that this onesie was not salvageable! I think we used a whole box of wipes! Looking back, I guess we could have given him a bath, but I blame the smell for our cloudy thinking!

The good news for Will is that his mommy and daddy love him so much even if he poops everywhere!

Some good news....we got Will's first laugh! Cory and I both were tearing was just the sweetest thing!! Moments like this make all the late nights and poopy diapers so worth it!!

Being a parent is not easy, but we are so blessed! I am just so in love :)