Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Go Mom Go!!

It is 10am, and I have successfully dusted our living room, done one load of laundry, put away dishes, started the dishwasher, and taken pictures of some new paper stuff...whew...that may not seem like a lot, but it is quite an accomplishment! What can I say, I celebrate the small things now...today, I consider myself a super mom...

I am so sorry for the quality of pictures....I am NOT a photographer! I wish I could take better pictures. Trust me, the products look much better in person!

Below is something neat that I cut out with my cricut....I LOVE this shape, and with the "2" on it, it can be used for any number of things...table numbers for weddings, or I could cut smaller ones for very unique cupcake toppers :)

I made some notes for my friend Dianne's future sister-in-law...so exciting! She wanted me to use her new monogram. The liners are a weddingish pattern, and the envelops are craft paper.

I also made these for Dianne's future sister-in-law, but I just used her initial. I love these liners and have used them before...I just think they look more fun!

I made these address labels a while back, just never took pictures of them. So, here they are!

I really like these...I have lots of these houses, different colors and styles.

I haven't made cards to go with these envelops yet, but I just LOVE the liners...the paper looks like paint chipping, very rustic.

Onto tags...I love making tags. You can used any paper, so you can match it to whatever you want! The uses for these are endless...weddings, birthdays, Christmas...I've used them for gift tags, without the holes and ribbon you can use them for food labels for dinner parties, place cards...gosh...you name it!

Picture of the front and back of the tags...

I made some notes for a benefit in February. They will be used in a silent auction...hopefully someone will want them :)
This is the finished product, packaged with ribbon and labeled with a tag!
It's a set of 10 cards, 5 say "Happy birthday friend." and 5 say "Thanks friend."

Closer look at the liners.

These are really fun! Also made for the benefit... I have lots of these owls. This is a set of 10 cards all saying "Thank you..."

I did some of these cards with a green patterned liner, too! I don't know which I like better!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Some new things...

Hello all!! I've been very busy with a sick baby :( BUT, I have had the pleasure of making some invites and favor tags for some friends that I would like to show you... See below!

My friend Jessica wanted me to make favor tags for her daughter Camille's first birthday! She ordered chinese style take out boxes to use for her favors and needed a little something for the front saying thank you. I couldn't quite figure out how to get the pictures from her facebook to my blog, so here's the link to one of the pictures of the boxes!


This is for a St. Patrick's Day themed party! As you can see they called it a "pub night"...what a fun way to celebrate! Well, I made the invites and mailed them for the client. So, I also made return address labels with their address on them.

The address labels...

I've also been working on some more baby stuff. I found these great "baby update" cards and want to do some of my own. And, I'm making some month by month cards to use when I take Will's monthly picture with his gigantic bear! Stay tuned!!!!