Thursday, September 30, 2010

ok, baby time is just around the corner!

So, I went tot he doc today, and he said that Will is NOT as big as we thought. I saw a PA last week b/c my doc was on vacation and she's the one who told us that he's a big baby. But Dr. Harnsberger reassured us that he will NOT be a huge baby (thank goodness!), and that he will be just right!

Also, the big news is that I'm 1 centimeter dialated!! Apparently this doesn't mean I'll go into labor in the next few days, but it just means that labor is not too far away. The doc says that I probably won't go to 40 weeks (his best guess is between 36 and 38 weeks). Today, I'm 35 weeks and 2, we're just waiting for baby Will to arrive!

It's becoming so real now....I am so excited!! But scared too...I guess my biggest fear is the craziness. I'm a pretty mello gal, and I just don't want the day of labor and the few weeks that follow to be crazy. The whole breast feeding thing is kinda scary, too! This little boy is going to be attached to my boob every 2-3 hours for at least the first few weeks until we introduce a bottle so daddy can help feed...I hope I have enough milk...I hope he latches on...I hope I don't get frustrated and give up...there's so many things to worry about! But, I do know that Cory is the best husband and will be the best daddy, and he'll be there unconditionally to help me through my insecurities. He already has been so supportive and encouraging...

I have to remember that it's not going to be easy for him either. He's got to go back to work and actually be productive AND help me with the baby when he gets home and during the night. I can sleep when he sleeps throughout the day but Cory won't get that luxury... I have a feeling that Cory will just slide right into the daddy role! He already talks about taking Will fishing, for rides in the truck, and having Will sleeping in his arms while watching cute!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

New paper stuff

Hey guys! I worked on some paper stuff for my friend Kate today! Hope she like them...
Kate - you can choose one of these four patterns for your 8 notes, OR you can have two of each...whatever you prefer.

These envelops are not lined...but I like the simplicity of the modern green monogram with the craft paper envelop.

I LOVE this orange!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Will's bedding!

So, my mom is awesome!!! She came to Chattanooga on Monday to start on Will's crib bedding...and we got so much done! It was definitely more involved than I thought it would be...I guess I under estimated the perfection needed in sewing. But, the pictures below pretty much document the process!

Mom, I love you so much and I am so glad that we got to spend the last few days together preparing for our chubby baby!

I say chubby because we found out some interesting news at the doc's this week. I had an appointment on Wednesday and since Cory was in Nashville, my mom was here to go with me. We had an ultrasound, and they did all the measurements. Well, toward the end, I asked her how much she thought Will weighed. Her response was 5.5 pounds! That doesn't sound like much now, but if I go to full term, that means that Will is going to be 8.5 pounds!!!! Let's hope that 1) they are off and he won't be that big OR 2) I will deliver a couple weeks early and he'll be 7.5 pounds instead of 8.5! I'm 34 weeks...his head and thigh bone measured at 34 weeks, but his belly measured at 36 weeks...haha! And, we could see that his cheeks were already chubby from the ultrasound!

This is Will's little corner of our guest room. I added the green and navy baskets this week! This is before we put the crib skirt in!

The HUGE bear that my parents got us!

Another new addition, the green lamp!

I used the banner in the maternity pics, and thought it looked cute on the changing table!

Mom sewing the crib bumper's going to look so cute!!

Fabric for the bumper's a soft minky navy fabric.


The green band is the bottom of the crib skirt!

You can't measure too much!

She's so good!

My minor contribution was cutting and ironing :)

I tried :)

It was so much fun imagining him all cuddled in his crib...

We put the white ball fringe on the border of the green and the stripe!

Close up of the fringe

Almost finished....


Doesn't it look awesome!!!!

Friday, September 17, 2010

4-D ultrasound pics!

Hi....we had a 4-D ultrasound done on 9.10.10 and here are the pics from it! I was almost 33 weeks when we had this done. It's so amazing that we can see so much detail! I can't wait to meet baby Will to see if these are accurate! He really likes sucking on his hands already, and I think his cheeks look a little cute! I'm a little biased :)