Sunday, October 23, 2011

Wild West Update!

Will's birthday party is officially going overboard! Look what I found the other day for Will?!?!? A little belt with a gun and holster!! How cute!

I can't wait to see him wearing this {assuming he keeps it on}

The favor tags! I'll have to take pictures of the bags. Me and my mom sewed them out of red and white striped fabric...they turned out so adorable!

I've used a lot of kraft paper so far b/c it looks so rustic!

This is our menu! I printed this and cut it down to 8x10 so I could frame it!

My dear friend Candice Tate is taking pictures for us and I want her to be able to send out a link to the pics, so here's what I came up with!

There will be about 10 kids or so at the party, and I wanted them to feel special...sooooo.....I made them all wanted posters! They all say something a little different under their picture. They will get to take these home with them after the party!

Boot magnets that I'm putting in the boxed lunches for the kiddos! I bought the boots and the magnets at Hobby Lobby and glued the magnets on with glue dots (this is an awesome product, ultra sticky and not messy).

That's all for now!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Jungles and Legos

Hey y'all! I've been busy! Will is almost walking...but he is a FAST crawler! He is hard to keep up with! I can't believe he is turning 1 in two weeks...where has the last year gone?? This time last year, he was kicking the heck out of my bladder! I just couldn't wait to meet my little man, and now he's almost 1, almost a walking, almost talking, almost all grown up {this is the sappy mom in me coming out!}.

Looking back on this year, I have LOVED staying at home with my son and would encourage any mom who can make the numbers work out to do the same! The precious time I've spent with him is irreplaceable. Although the day to day things are kinda boring most days, I know my son better than anybody, hands down! I love that we have that special bond that no one else does!

ok, ok....on to my new paper stuff! I love the idea of a jungle theme boys b-day party! So bright and colorful and so many different directions to go! I did the invitations for this party and am working on the banner this week (will post pics soon).

Closer view...sorry for the quality, I am NOT a photographer! the little tiger! I wanted this to be playful and fun!

I was asked to do a few things for a Lego party! How fun?!?!!? Well, I had so much fun creating the invitations, banner, and favor tags! Here's a few views of the banner. I'm only showing "Turner" but it says "Happy Birthday Turner". How fun to make the layer behind the letters look like Lego's? After I took these pics, I punched a hole in each top corner for the ribbon. I chose a blake and white striped ribbon.

Cute little Lego face's for the ends of the banner!

Favor tags!

The invitation! It took me a while to make the Lego's but I think the effort was definitely worth it! I put these with white envelopes, no liner. Price for items shown are: invitations - $25 for 25 invitations and envelopes. Banner - $25 for banner and ribbon. Favor tags - $15 for 35 tags. The jungle invotes are also $1 per invite and envelope!