Thursday, April 21, 2011

Extreme Couponing!!!

Has anyone seen this show on TLC?!?!? WOW....they are obsessed! I use coupons, but I'm doing good to save $20 on a $150 bill. But now I know why...they have hundreds of rolls of toilet paper, paper towels, bottle of mustard (really, how can you use 100 bottles of mustard in your lifetime?) And, who has the storage space? One woman had a room dedicated to her coupons!

So, how would you like to come home with over $1,000 of grocery items and pay less than $5...amazing, right? Here's how she did it (just one example). She bought 114 night time pain relievers. Original price $5.29. The store had it on sale for $1.99. She used a $2.50 off coupon on every single one, which means she MADE $.51 on every one that she bought. On this one item, she made $51.00, which she used to buy items that she could not get for free. Again, I say WOW!

So inspiring, yet seems so unattainable....hmmm...what if I seriously gave it a go for the next month? If I found one item that I could get for free (combining store sale with coupons), and got 10 of them? That would be a good start! I'll let you know what I find!!!!!

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  1. I can't look away from that show! It's like Hoarders almost...but I am envious of their ability to save money...not sure what I would do with 114 bottles of pain reliever though...