Monday, January 25, 2010

Catch up!

Well, it has been over TWO MONTHS since I have posted to the blog. Lots has happened... The biggest change is the move! We found out that we are moving to Chattanooga! Cory starts next week, but I have to stay in Bowling Green until we sell the house. I just hope we end up even on the house (not likely).

Baby talk - Last year, we were thinking that this would be the time for us to start thinking about a little Darling, but the move has made us rethink our timeline. Waiting for the right time is driving me crazy. Everytime I see anything baby related, I get the "mommy urge". I feel like I'm so ready, but am I? I guess it will happen when it's supposed to...

I have had so much fun creating paper goods! I made a couple things for my friend Dianne's wedding this past weekend, made some Chrstmas gifts for friends and family, and made some things for me. I'll post them eventually. I'm working on calendars for 2010 which I will post as well when they are done.

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