Friday, November 11, 2011

Christmas cards do not have to be Christmas colors :)

I sat down yesterday to work on some more Christmas card templates, and I thought to myself "What if I didn't use red and green?" I mean, there's no law that says Christmas cards HAVE to be red and, I went with my gut, and this is what I came up with! I did use some red and some green {I can't totally shun the colors, right?} but I didn't use them together! Enjoy a playful take on Christmas cards...

Oh, and I forgot to mention in my earlier blog that if you want to give your recipients a "family update", we can do that. I can include a note on a separate piece of paper telling them what you have been up to the last year...for most of my friends, this year has been filled with new babies and marriages! So exciting!! Add $0.25 to the price per card!

Shown in 4x6 with 2 pictures. We can redesign to fit one picture or even three.

LOVE this! Definitely more cutsie, but so fun! Shown in 4x6. This can be redesigned to fit two pictures on the side.

Polka dots have arrived!!! The yellow frame could also be pink or green! Shown in 5x7.

SO fun! Who'd a thought you could make a Christmas card using pink and green? Shown in 5x7.

The background looks yellow, but in real life, it looks more green. Again, the frame can also be pink, yellow, or green. Shown in 5x7.

Since I have this star pattern, I just had to use it! But, I refused to use the green frame {of course, if you want the green frame, I will certainly do it for you} so I picked blue cute!

More to come....


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