Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Will's birthday invites are DONE!

My son is 10 months old and plans for his Wild Wild West first birthday party are in full swing! I have actually been planning since he was born (ok, ok...before I even had him, I had the theme). I am SO excited!! Can you tell?!?!!??

I finally finished the invites...and here they are!
I'm using lots of the blue, red, black and brown. The envelopes are white with a red liner.

Much much more to come!!! Things I'm working on this week: the menu! I've got to solidify what exactly we're having. Since it's a lunch time party, and it is in November (yay fall!), we're having chili and corn chowder for the main dishes. For the desert, there will be a rice crispy bar. I'll make all the rice crispy treats the night before, cut them into squares, and put them on a lollipop sticks. The idea is to drizzle caramel, chocolate or peanut butter on them then dip them into various toppings (crushed oreos, snickers, heath bar, and a few others). Doesn't that sound delicious!! Of course, we'll have birthday cake too! So, I've got to get a list together of all the sides we need, and maybe appetizer items, too. AND, I've got to do a menu sign that coordinates with the invitations...When I get that done, I'll post it!

And here are some recent Will pics! This is what I see when I get him up from naps...so sweet!

Look at that adorable smile! I can't believe he's almost a year old!

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